19 January 2010

Q: So, what happens if I just go ahead and stick these banana muffins in the oven...

...even though I accidentally doubled the number of eggs (and didn't change anything else)?

A: I get delicious muffins with a light texture and a smooth, teeny-tiny crumb.

And to think there was a time I would have declared the muffins ruined and thrown the batter away.

There's some kind of life lesson here about creative risk-taking, but I think I'll just leave that alone and be happy I know a way to make my banana bread recipe work better as muffins.

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  1. Do you remember when Ken Klostermeyer used to say that anyone could do art when it worked (he was talking specifically about pottery, but it applies to may other fields); but it took a pro to make it work when things went wrong?
    That's obviously a paraphrase, but it gets the gist, I think. We all make mistakes. But when we learn to use the mistakes, rather than throw them ou;, we're on our way to maturity.
    Loved the comment.